How To Train Your Pit Bull To Be Friendly

How To Train Your Pit Bull To Be Friendly
Photo by Vitor Fontes on Unsplash

How To Train Your Pit Bull To Be Friendly? Pit Bulls are able to be trained in order to be friendly, kind and dutiful. But it depends on the owner’s patience, because the Pit Bull needs a suitable method of training.

According to many incorrect fact about Pit Bull people start to believe that they are savage hostile dogs, but actually its up to you whether if you want to make your own Pit Bull either friendly or dangerous depends on training and the environment. Figure out the best strategies of How To Train Your Pit Bull To Be Friendly.

House train your Pit Bull

How To Train A Stubborn Pit Bull
How To Train Your Pit Bull To Be Friendly Photo by David Taffet on Unsplash

It’s quite necessary to house train your dog in order to avoid anarchy in your house, you can do that by taking your dog outside every hour or two, then give your dog a treat when it is abide your orders, whenever you catch your dog doing his business inside home, take it immediately outside. Giving your pit bull a treat when he do its business outside is necessary, this teaches your pit bull how to be familiar with outside. This method can be used with both pit bull puppies and older pit bulls.

Interaction and Socialization

Pit Bull Interaction and Socialization
Photo by Viktoria B. from Pexels

No one can deny that Pit Bulls Sometimes can make hostile manners toward other dogs. to overcome this problem socialization is the best choice. Introduce your Pit Bull to other dogs and reward your dog every time it meets with a new dog, this strategy will help your dog to involve favorable associations with other dogs, when its done with dogs and other animal pets, start socializing your dog with people.

Actually Pit Bulls are not aggressive with adults, unlike young children that can activate the dog’s predator instinct, that’s why it is better to socialize your dog to children even neighbor’s children, make sure to socialize your dog at the age of 6 to 16 weeks because socializing is more effective at this period, yet you can socialize your dog at any age.

Train your Pit Bull to walk in a leash

How To Train Your Pit Bull To Be Friendly
Image by k135 from Pixabay

Leashing your dog and take it to a walk can be effective, especially when you take it on long walks but you should first start with the short ones, give your dog a treat every time your dog walks near you. If your dog is starts dragging the leash, stop walking for a while, this teaches your dog that it will gain nothing when pulling the leash.

Important Commands

Teach your pit bull sit command
Photo by Angela Cavina from Pexels

The best way to teach your dog how to come on command is “shaping”. Always use the same word whenever you want your dog to come to you, for example: when your dog sits use the word “sit” and hold your hands up then back up quietly to show to your dog that it has to stay more longer and give your dog a treat if your dog done so.

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