How To Train Your New Husky Puppy

How To Train Your New Husky Puppy
Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

I am a husky owner, and to be honest, having a husky in your life is so exciting and amazing, despite the challenges you face at the beginning, but don’t worry at all, with time and some proper training, you will find yourself attached to your husky puppy with a strong bond of love and respect. Siberian Huskies are well known for their intelligence, creativity and stubbornness. Therefore, you must know that in order to gain your husky’s love, obedience, and respect, you should be patient and consistent while training him, and using the intelligence of your husky puppy in your advantage. Let new your husky puppy now that you are in charge. Here is how to train your new husky puppy:

1– How To Potty Train you husky puppy

how Teach your puppy go to potty outdoors
Photo by Julissa Helmuth from Pexels

the First thing you need to do when bringing a new husky puppy home is to go potty outside, yes there might be some accidents, when your husky do its business inside home, don’t rush and punish him.

The perfect solution is keeping an eye on your husky puppy after eating its meal, or after taking a nap or sleeping, look for signs like sniffing the floor, squatting, or pacing, and once he start doing these things take him outside immediately ( take a treat with you to use it as a reward), choose a spot where you want your husky puppy to always do his business, because after its first potty time, it will be its favorite area.

Don’t forget to give him a reward once he finish doing its business and encourage him with words like “Good boy, you’ve done such a great work here, Good Boy”. with time you husky puppy will learn to do it outside by itself, until that time, keep an eye on him and repeat the same technique over and over again, until he start going outside alone.

2- Make it clear for your new husky puppy that you’re in charge

husky puppy should know that your in charge
Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

Your New husky puppy must understand that you are the one in charge and making rules out of love, and kindness. Being aggressive and loud with your husky puppy isn’t a good idea, because he will fear you and hate you. Instead, your main aim is to win your puppy’s respect for you.

All you need to do is telling your husky puppy in a way he understands that you are in charge and you are a leader to follow.

Its most likely to use treats as a reward every time you dog listen to you and o exactly what you ask him.

3- Crate train your husky puppy

How To Train Your New Husky Puppy
Photo by Corentin Marzin on Unsplash

Training your husky puppy to stay in a crate is an essential step to do when bringing him home.

Huskies are reactive and they are always looking for something new to do, and you shouldn’t leave your new husky puppy in the house without monitoring. When you go to work or going outside, you have to put your new husky puppy in a crate, and it must be a comfortable crate.

When you put your husky puppy in a crate you keep him safe, and you prevent hi from destroying your furniture as well. here is how to crate train your husky puppy Step by Step.

4- Train your husky puppy to walk on a leash

teach your husky puppy how to walk on a leash
Photo by Diego Moura on Unsplash

Teaching your new husky puppy to walk in a leash is one of the most important thing to begin with, before he grow up. Your new husky puppy should learn how to be comfortable on a leash and also not pulling you as you walk him on a leash.

Your husky puppy will grow to be more than 50 lbs, if your husky puppy build the habit of pulling you when it’s a young pup, then he will always keep pulling you when he grows up. This is an essential step to train you husky to walk on a leash next to you, and without pulling you or running ahead. Here is How to Train your new puppy to walk on a leash Step by Step.

5- How to teach your new husky puppy the basic commands, “Sit”, “Come”, “lay down”, “follow”.

How to Teach your husky puppy to sit
Photo by Haris Suljic on Unsplash

Patience and consistency are essential while teaching your new husky puppy the sit, come, lay down and follow commands. Your husky puppy will take some time to learn these commands, but once he understand your way of communicating with him, it will be easy to teach him a new command.

Here is How to teach your new puppy how to sit and other commands Step by Step.

In General, husky puppies are wonderful and intelligent, and like other dogs, they need patience and consistency to train them and teach them the basics.

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