How To Train A Stubborn Horse

How To Train A Stubborn Horse
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How To Train A Stubborn Horse? Horses are strong and clever, and they need to be trained in order to be in agreement with their owners. Pulling, jumping, running away or even exceeding the wanted speed limit, are some habits of an untrained horse, also their strength make them able to pull a rider or owner out of the saddle.

The lack of training, isn’t the only reason that makes horses get some unwanted habits or being in a bad mood, indeed there is many other reasons such as depression caused by lack of outdoor time, lack of confidence, dental problems, poor saddle fit, fear…Being aware of these causes will help you define your horse weaknesses and problems, and fixing them.

Of course you don’t want to force your horse to obey your commands if he was suffering from the problems that we’ve mentioned earlier, or while feeling pain, therefore you should discover whats wrong with him, and that’s will lead you to the suitable solution. Here is how to train your strong horse and have control over him:

1- Full diagnosis

How To Train A Stubborn Horse
Photo by Sarah Olive on Unsplash

First and foremost, make sure that your horse is healthy and he don’t feel pain, and the best thing to do that, is to let the Vet do a full diagnosis to your horse to find out if he has a disease, or suffering from pain in his body.

2- The Issues of the Digestive System

How To Train A Stubborn Horse
Photo by Katey McCarney on Unsplash

If the diet of your horse is in concentrates (including grain & pelleted rations), then try to Lower it and at the meantime give your horse a high quality of pasture grass and hay. Your horse needs energy and that’s why you have to provide him a natural food, for its Digestive system to work properly. Make sure that your horse head is down while eating, also make sure to give him a plenty of time to spend outside.

3- Teaching Your Horse the basics

How To Train A Stubborn Horse
Photo by Paula Palmieri on Unsplash

If you want to develop a good habit of listening and obeying in your horse’s mind, then you have to keep its mind busy learning the basics. Even if you had already taught him the fundamental things, such as serpentine, ride circles, loops, and other things, then it won’t be a waste of time to teach him these things again. Remember your goal is to train your horse’s mind to focus on what you are asking him to do and to obey you.

4- Bad riding habits

How To Train A Stubborn Horse
Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash

Your Horse is always learning from you, so be careful about your riding habits. A poor seat position is one of the things that may causes frustration to your horse, and other bad habits. Make sure to take a few riding lessons to work on your riding skills.

Note: another IMPORTANT step you must do is giving you horse an opportunity to expect what will come next while riding him. For example: One of the moments when your horse might be excited waiting and anticipation what will come next, is when you ride quietly in a place full of trees and then as you come close to an open field you kick your horse into a gallop.

5- Behavior Problems

How To Train A Stubborn Horse
Photo by Kenny Webster on Unsplash

Be always patient with your horse no matter what comes out from his behavior. When you feel that your horse is taking control over you, don’t react with strength, and try to take it back with Roughness, because you won’t succeed in front of his strength. keep an eye on your horse steps, and moves trying to find out what is the reason behind its behaviors.

Talking to your horse in a low voice is one of the most steps to win its respect and obeying, treat him with gentle and take him for a walk if possible. Sometimes turning in circles is better, because it helps the horse to re-focus.

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