6 Signs Your Dog Is So Happy

Signs Your Dog Is So Happy
Signs Your Dog Is So Happy

If your lovely dog shows these 6 behaviors on a regular basis, it’s a excellent thing… here’s how to tell when your dog is happy!!

1- Understanding your dog’s behaviors

Dogs can’t tell you about their feelings either they feel lonely or not, and pet parents always wonder whether their puppies are truly happy, but pups are smart enough to show you if they’re happy, between licking, yelps of joy, and wagging their tails. So all you have to do is figuring out what their behavior means. Dogs sometimes get mad at you, so if that’s what they do on a consistent basis, you’ll have to remedy that problem quickly. Yet if they’re showing the following behaviors, you can smile, because they are in fact happy more than you’ve been hoping them to be.

2- They abundantly greet you when you return home

6 Signs Your Dog Is So Happy

When you get home, you might hear your dog wailing or barking, waiting for you patiently just behind the door, while you’re trying to open it. Once you open the door your dog start jumping up and down and barely able to control his excitement. “I’m happy you’re back”, that’s what your dog is trying to tell you, and it’s a wonderful sign that you two have a positive relationship. If your dog doesn’t behave like that, or its enthusiasm to see you, suddenly starts to wane when you come home, there might be something wrong with him, and you should call the vet.

3- Revealing their belly to you

6 Signs Your Dog Is So Happy

Usually when your puppy exposes its belly to you means he’s ready for a belly rub. But when he exposes its belly with a wagging tail, sweet panting and a slightly open mouth, this is a big sign of trust.

4- Manners

6 Signs Your Dog Is So Happy

Tearing up furniture or shewing clothes, biting, or snarling are in generally some of the destructive or aggressive behaviors in dogs when they are under anxiety, stress, sick, or maybe even bored sometimes. But when dogs shows good manners, it’s a sign that they’re feeling Happy. Its not always the case, because dogs are different, some breeds are feistier than others. In conclusion dogs with good behaviors and manners are generally happy dogs.

5- Leaning into you & Hugging you.

6 Signs Your Dog Is So Happy

One of the most Wonderful feelings in the world is when a dog rests its body against yours. When the pup is trying to hug you and his tail wagging in a big circle, it’s a sign that they enjoy your company and trust you enough to be that close.
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6- Tilting their head when they look at you

6 Signs Your Dog Is So Happy

When dogs are in a good mood one of the most adorable thing they do is tilting their head while looking at you, and usually the head tilting might be accompanied by a curious look that pups love to give.

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