You Have a Stubborn Dog? How to Train a Stubborn Dog

Do you think you’ve got a stubborn dog who won’t listen to you, disobeying your commands and ignoring you?. There is many people complain about this issue, “My dog is stubborn, how to train a stubborn dog “.

In fact dogs are generally intelligent creatures, and their intelligence may be different from a dog to another based on their breed. Some of dogs learns to obey order quickly, and some of them need more time and effort, and this because of their natural behaviors that doesn’t match our standards of good manners, and when trying to change a dog’s natural actions and manners require a huge effort, patience and consistency.

Here’s some very effective skills to house train a stubborn dog:

1- Be patient when teaching new skills to an old or new dog

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House training, potty training, crate training, obedience training, these are rules created by humans to make it easy for dogs to be friendly with their owners/parents, and to build a strong relationship, so that dogs can live in human houses, use their toilets and even play with their kids, and in order to help dogs understand these rules and respect them, you need to train them with such big patience. So if you think you have a stubborn dog, don’t give up on him, and keep in mind that he just need more patience, more training, and more time.

2- Make your communication skills very clear for your dog

Usually when we train our dogs we use treats as a reward for every time they do what we ask them to do, therefore treats are very important to use with your dog when you trying to make your him stop being a Stubborn dog. For example when your dog start biting and pulling the carpet, and you want him to stop, rewarding him whenever he stops, and giving him one of its toys to bit instead of the carpet, will keep your furniture safe.

The Goal of this step is to make your communication skills very clear when teaching your dog, so make sure all your family members that interact with the dog, have the same skills and teachings, because if you have different ways of dealing with the him, the dog will be confused . When you come back home from work, your dog will start jumping up on you expressing its happiness to see you, and that he misses you. you may be a person that doesn’t like a dog jumping on him, so you may put him on the side, and play with him to prevent him from jumping.

3- Repetition, Repetition and Perseverance

How to Train a Stubborn Dog
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A dog is often shown its stubbornness outside, where there is a lot of distraction, kids playing, other dogs, cars and strong smells, all these elements will cause your dog to ignore your commands, and make him act on his own. Therefore you need to keep practicing again and again in a quite place, your home, backyard or any place where there is no disturbance.

Once you observe that your dog starts obeying your demands more than ever, don’t take him outside yet, and add more training sessions to make sure your dog is really ready to move to the next step. Taking your dog immediately to a noisy place isn’t a good idea. You want your dog to get used to listen to you despite the distractions around him, so it’s better to start with less distraction places and go up.

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