Can Dogs Be Vegan ? Can Dogs Be Vegetarian ?

can dogs eat fruit and vegetables
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Is it safe to feed dogs a vegan diet ? Can dogs be vegan ? what do vegans feed their dogs ? Can dogs be healthy on a vegan diet ? is it safe for dogs to be vegan ? These are the most asked question by Vegan people whom thinking of adopting a dog, or dog parents who become vegans. While vets are saying that a vegan diet for dogs isn’t the best way to a healthy dog, because it lacks the nutritional requirements, many dog owners says that their dogs grow well on a meat-free diet. So, is a vegan diet safe for dogs ?

Can Dogs Be Vegan, Can Dogs Be Healthy On a plant based diet

Can dogs be healthy on a vegan diet
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Well, dogs can grow well on a carefully designed vegan diet or vegetarian diet that meets their nutritional needs, Says CVMC Tufts University. Dogs are Members of the order Carnivora, therefore a lot of people believe that dogs can survive only on eating meet, because they are carnivores like their wolf forefathers. That’s not true, Dogs are in fact omnivores and their canine digestive system are capable of digesting and obtain nutrients from fruits and vegetables!

Indeed, some licensed pet nutritionists, and vets, prescribe special meat-free diet as a treatment for dogs who are allergic to animal proteins, and dogs with other types of health issues. But should never fed your dog a 100% vegan food free of animal fats and proteins without the supervision of a pet nutritionist. as the Tufts University cautioned.

Why a Vegan Diet Is Dangerous For Dogs

Why a Vegan Diet Is Dangerous For Dogs
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Vegetables and Fruits are good for providing antioxidants and vitamins to help your dog thrive, but they doesn’t contain the necessary amounts of protein and fat. As Tufts says, preparing a completely meat-free diet for dogs that contains all the nutrients necessary fir a dog to thrive is difficult, and even hard for a licensed nutritionist to design.

Its difficult, if not impossible to get some animal proteins, such as Keratin, Elastin and Collagen, from a vegan diet. These derived proteins are good for dogs and vital for a healthy skin.

In conclusion Making your dog vegan without the supervision of a licensed veterinary nutritionist, could lead your dog to malnutrition and some health complications. While Feeding your dog vegan food, its important to keep an eye on him, observing its mood, activities, if he’s happy or not, to make sure that your dog is on the right diet.

What do You Feed Your Dog If You’re Vegan

is it safe for dogs to be vegan
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If you’re a dog parent, and you’re vegan either for ethical reasons, or health reasons. You have to keep in mind that the benefits you get from a vegan lifestyle don’t extend to your dog. So, if you’re lost between remaining true to your principles and beliefs, and feeding your dog a healthy food, here is some tips that may help:

  • If you’re strong-willed to feed your dog a 100% vegan food, make sure you consult a licensed veterinary nutritionist to design a special nutritionally healthy vegan diet for your dog.
  • The best person to ask about your concern is your vet. Your vet may help you choose some quality meat-free foods which contain the necessary nutrients for your dog.
  • Look for quality dog foods that use humanely sourced meats, as well as ethically sourced vegetables and fruits.
  • Take in consideration feeding your dog a fish-based dog food as a compromising.

Can dogs be vegan? the answer may technically be yes, but it’s not free from obstacles and danger. Therefore it’s better to be concerned about the welfare of your dog, in fact the welfare of all animals. Your dog’s health and life, must be in your priority before anything else.

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