How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For You – 5 Tips

How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For You
How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For YouImage by smarko from Pixabay

A lot of people find themselves in front of a nice looking, colorful and cute bird in a pet store, and they take the decision to adopt that bird from its look, without considering the fact that birds are different and they require different things, for example some birds can live up to 80 years old, some of them can live just in a environment with a specific atmosphere, which you might not live in, also some birds needs more time, the budget to cover the needs and the care. Not knowing the right bird to adopt, might lead to an unhappy owners and unhappy birds as well. To avoid this unhappy ending please follow the following 5 tips on how to choose the right pet bird for you to adopt.

1- The Budget and The Expenses

How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For You - 5 Tips
Photo by Unmesh on Unsplash

Raising a bird successfully require commitment, continuing and money, so before you adopt a pet bird, you need to be aware of the needs of that bird type and see if you can afford them. Larger pet birds have sometimes an estimated purchase price of thousands of dollars. These types generally require expansive cages and costly accessories that can exceed your budget limitation. And small pet birds too, even that their purchase price less expensive, still require various financial obligations from their owners, lot of smaller pet birds can live for a very long time, and you have to provide them with all the care they need feeding, housing, and veterinary care throughout their lives. You should consider all these factors before choosing your pet bird, in order to end up with a pet bird with the needs and the care you can afford.

2- Choosing the best bird’s size

How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For You - 5 Tips
Photo by Romina veliz on Unsplash

The bird size is a very important element that any person should consider before owning a pet bird. Bigger birds requires more commitment and care than small birds. Of course big pet birds can be a charming and can make exceptional companions, but they are usually messier, louder, and more demanding, unlike small birds.That’s why its more likely for a beginner pet bird owner to start out with a small to medium sized bird. Knowing the size of your pet bird is important to determine how you will take care of it, and to know the bird needs and if you can afford them or not, including training, housing, feeding, time, and health care.

3- Bird’s Nutrition and Care

How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For You - 5 Tips
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

When you decide to own a pet bird, you have to be capable of raising it. So either you will choose the easiest pet bird to raise, who needs just a few things to take care of, which will save you from the hassle of raising other birds that require many things. Or you have to be capable to take full responsibility and commitment to raise your favorite pet bird regardless of its cost, shape, size, and needs. Lets take the Loriini as an example, Loriini birds are very beautiful and lot of people seeks to get one of them, because of their medium size, admired shape, and their attractive colors. On the other hand, Loriini birds possess an unique and special digestive system, which require them to eat special food, especially a diet of pollen, fruit, and nectar. In return this kind of food causes them to produce their droppings as fluids, which require a frequent time of cage cleaning more than other birds type. Yes we agree that there is too many wonderful reasons that can make you fall in love with owning a pet bird, but a situation like the Loriini situation may not end will with you if you are not ready to sacrifice your time and effort, if no, then we recommend to learn about your favorite bird type before adopting one.

4- The Bird Personality and Behavior

How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For You - 5 Tips
Image by 995645 from Pixabay

Owning a noisy pet bird, while you are a quiet person who loves silent isn’t a good idea. that’s why you should choose your pet bird that match your personality, some birds are more active and noisy then others, and some of them like to remain silent, for example the Cockatiels species, they are a tending to be quieter than most of other birds, and they even learn to behave in specific ways. To avoid facing contradictions in personality, try to choose a pet bird whose personality matches yours.

5- Time and Commitment

How To Choose The Right Pet Bird For You - 5 Tips
Photo by Jonah Pettrich on Unsplash

Honestly, having a pet in home, is the most beautiful thing in the world, pets have a pure heart, they give love more than they receive it. Before you adopt a pet bird,make sure you will give it a part of your time, and that part may be a big part sometimes depends on the birds needs, therefore the people who don’t put an effort learning about the pet bird they are going to select, it can be an extremely exhausting experience. Some birds needs exercise in a daily basis, attention, and time, including cage cleaning, feeding, and training. All these elements required time, for that reason you should know how much time you have to spend with your pet bird. If you are a busy person, then owning a bird may be a hard step at first, and you have to organize your time and give some of it to your bird, but the more important thing to do is looking for a bird that doesn’t require too much time.

In conclusion: Time, patient, knowledge, and commitment are characteristics that you must possess, before adopting a pet bird.

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